U11-U12 Milwaukee Pre-ECNL Program

FC Wisconsin Milwaukee U11 and U12 teams in the Pre-ECNL Program train 3 times per week, and compete primarily in Milwaukee, with a few games in Racine, Green Bay, Madison or other areas of Wisconsin.  Travel is very limited.  

The sole focus of FC Wisconsin at these ages is on individual development - specifically in teaching general athletic movement mechanics, technical skill with the ball, and decision-making.  Our goal is to provide young players with the foundation of individual skill and understanding that is necessary for long-term individual success.

Over the course of the year, the U11 and U12 teams have approximately 30 games and 110 training sessions throughout the fall, winter, and spring.  This ratio of training to games is deliberately selected, and the training and competition calendar and curriculum is specifically developed to create long-term individual success based on a foundation of skill and understanding.

2018-2019 Player Enrollment Fee for U11 and U12 Age Groups: $1,650

The 2018-2019 FC Wisconsin U11 and U12 Player Enrollment Fee includes: (i) all league and tournament entry fees, (ii) player registration and insurance, (iii) coaching salaries, (iv) outdoor training facility rental fees, (iv) outdoor game facility rental fees, and (v) coaches’ travel expenses.   Similar to every youth club, the following costs are not included in the player enrollment fee: (i) uniform cost, and (ii) player travel costs (minimal at these age groups).

FC Wisconsin does not charge additional fees for tournaments, coaches travel, and other operational expenses - all fees are disclosed above.  Comparisons with other local clubs (and the variety of different fees often charged over the year by these clubs) will show similar total costs.

All fees are generally non-refundable.  In exceptional cases, refunds may be issued at the club's sole discretion and for unavoidable and uncontrollable circumstances as determined by the club.

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